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Roman T., Canoga Park, CA

A+ Sushi place. Everything is fresh and delicious. Their baked scallop and banzai rolls are to die for. Spicy tuna rolls are also really good here. Everyone I've ever taken to Akari has become a regular. If I have to pick at least one bad thing about this place, I'd have to say it's too small. I wouldn't go there with a party of more then 6 people. Rolls and Sushi are anywhere from $3 to $10. Trust me, one bite and you'll never want to leave.

6/30/07 Update: Still 5 stars, just wanted to add a few things. If you prefer rolls to sushi (nigiri), then no one has Akari beat. Try the Albacore Special, the 911 roll, the banzai roll and the eXtreme roll. However if you're craving sushi (nigiri), then I don't think a cheap hole-in-wall sushi restaurant will satisfy that craving. Not just talking about this place, but I would imagine an expensive sushi joint will have a better sushi (nigiri) selection then a small restaurant. I talked to the owner (Rudy) and he said because most people stick to rolls, his sushi (nigiri) selection isn't that extensive. Can't blame him, if majority of his customers eat only rolls.

4/14/2008 Update: Rudy has been adding new nigiri to the menu. Try the Albacore Toro, Spanish Mackerel, Halibut, and some other ones that I can't remember.

Amanda S., Chicago, IL

This is by far the most consistently delicious sushi I have ever had, and it is pretty inexpensive. The chefs and waitress are super friendly and remember my family every time we come in.

I would recommend the crunch roll...fantastic! And if you've never tried red bean mochi, I would say it's about time you do!

Mono S., Los Angeles, CA

Ive been a fan of Rudy (Owner/Chef) for a long time. I followed him from Cho Cho San to Akari. Ive never been disappointed with this place. True it is a hole in the wall but that just makes it more special. Be prepared this place is addicting.

The ambience could use some work, but for the price and taste, you cant ask for anything else...

My suggestions:

Three Amigos extra spicy on crispy rice cake: A delicious mix of shrimp, crab, and scallops all tossed in a spicy chili oil....

Ice Roll: Shrimp tempura and immitation crab rolled into crispy iceberg lettuce.

Bonzai Roll (Soy Paper) no idea whats in this roll all I know its delicious

Akari Special (soy Paper): Again no idea whats in this but its AMAZING...mmmm

Rock Shrimp Tempura

The list could go on and on... the best part about the place is that if you sit at the sushi bar and ask his advice he will be upfront and honest with you.